Appropriate for both women and men, this session frees our creative feminine nature. Through coaching, Biokinesis energy healing and Sacred Geometry activations, we swim in the deep waters together. We gently and effectively break open stagnant areas in the body and energy field that contain heavy emotions and negative belief systems. Once again, we flow. This heals areas of insecurity, restores our inner power and opens new doors of opportunity. Witness yourself rise up in your tenderness, creativity, sensuality and sexual sovereignty. From here, life becomes more pleasant and joy is reinstated. 

Sacred geometry transforms unhealthy beliefs into supportive beliefs, creating lasting results. "Biokinesis" describes the ability to consciously communicate with the body on a cellular level and influence healing. This session addresses health imbalances and correlating beliefs that keep you living less than optimally. This is a transformative, gentle and relaxing experience. 

$150 / hr

60, 90 and 120 Minutes Available


In this session we dive deep into poses that speak to areas of distortion in your body and how that ties into your life off the mat, creating a practice that is tailored to your personal needs. Having your special practice enhances your personal healing journey, sharpening your focus and helping you pass through any thresholds with grace. Get ready to fly!

$100 / hr

60, 90 and 120 Minutes Available

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